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Advanced PHP programming, ranging from forms, payment gateways to API integrations.


Code Buket

A team collaborative code snippet repository, designed to help share code among team members

Latest Blog Posts

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I am writing this since there are no clear instructions on how to install a SASS compiler for PHPStorm on Windows. My first obstacle was to install Ruby, boy, I…

Supanova, is it worth the cost?

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Australia has a pop culture expo called Supanova which is held every year at different cities around the country for a whole weekend. I recently had the opportunity to attend…

HTML Email signatures on iPhone or iPad

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I get this question a lot, “How can I have HTML email signatures on my iPhone or iPad?” It is extremely simple to do, provided you have already have an…

Heartbleed, should I change my password?

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You’ve probably seen it all over the tech websites saying that you should change your password on a number of various sites due to this Heartbleed bug. The real question…