David Cumberland

(Photographer && Programmer)

Get in Touch

Wanna say Hi? Got a Project in mind? Share the love of coffee?

If you want to reach out via any of the social channels, that's awesome, always up for a chat! Just click on any of them and shoot me a message (note, some platforms don't do DMs).

Have a Project in Mind?

Great! Would love to hear it! Send me an email with a brief description to projects@davidcumberland.com.au and I'll get back to you in about 24-48 Hours.

Need Photos?

Fantastic! I'm sure we can help. If it's wedding related, head on over to our Wedding Photography page (White Fox Studios). Corporate shoots? Then you can reach out to me hello@davidcumberland.com.au and we can discuss your needs.

Social Media Management or Setup?

Let me take care of or help you with your social media game. I can take a look at your existing set up and offer some recoomendations, or take the reigns and do the posting for you. Let me know what you need, give me a shout at hello@davidcumberland.com.au.


I currently don't do any talks, but that can easily be changed, depends on what you want me to talk about! I am planning to have some content in the second half of 2020, so keep your eyes and ears out. Could it be programming? Could it be photography? I don't even know yet!